The Train

Here is poem “The Train” by Kathleen Kidd, a wee treat for getting to 5000 downloads!!!!!!!!!

The Train

There once was a young boy,
Called Eddie, 17.
Small, thin and nervous,
Didn’t like to be seen.

Everyday he stood
by the mirror and cried.
“I wish I wasn’t so different.”
he sighed.

He picked, he prodded
at each crease and scar.
He opened his eyes wide
“Why do I look so bizarre?”

He put on his clothes,
Featureless and plain.
He hated attention.
As much as the train.

He left for school
His heart in his chest.
He ran to the station,
leaving south west.

Half eight in the morning,
the train packed and busy.
Each pair of eyes
seemed settled on Eddie.

The whispers seemed loud,
some sneering and smirking.
Eddie was dizzy,
his brain wasn’t working.

He hated the train,
but today seemed worse.
He pulled his hood up
“My body’s a curse”

“Why must they talk
and snigger and sneer,
Why am I different?
And filled with fear?”

Eddie got up
he made his decision
He stood at the door
blurred was his vision.

It came to a stop
Eddie ran off the train.
No idea where he was.
it started to rain.

He walked to a shop,
‘Games and magazines’.
Walking inside,
passing drenched teens.

He started to calm,
though the shop, getting packed.
He moved to the back
behind comics, stacked.

Eddie, drawn in
by the music and lights.
There in front stood a booth,
“Destiny – Bright!”

A man in a box,
bent over, no power.
Eddie watched the man
for what seemed like an hour.

He took out a coin,
Placed it in the machine
“Your Future in your hands!
Place them on the screen!”

Mesmerized, dazzled,
Eddie lifted both hands,
“Into the voice box,
make your demands!”

“What are they thinking?
and saying” He cried.
The robot creaked loudly.
He now was red eyed.

Paper came out
from the window slot.
Eddie grabbed it and ran.
Never looked at what he got.

Playing music through headphones,
to drown out the talking,
he opened the paper
and read it while walking.

“Each voice you will hear
clear, loud, and true
You will hear what they say,
if they’re thinking of you”.

“Stare at the person
no matter who’s thinking,
you’ll hear all of their thoughts
about you, without blinking.”

With relief in his stomach,
he ran for the train.
Eddie didn’t even
notice the rain.

He got into the carriage
he looked and he stared.
He squinted and focused,
he groaned and he glared.

“I can’t hear a thing”
He huffed and he sighed.
Each person just sitting,
no words amplified.

He turned off his music,
and sat completely still.
The train, deathly silent.
Eddie felt ill.

No more was his head
plagued with sniggers and chatter.
No sneers, no laughing.
Nothing the matter.

Eddie’s mind was silent
no words at all.
No one was talking
or looking at all.

He got off the train,
“I’m not special or unique.
Not different, unusual,
just normal, so to speak.”

Eddie got what he wanted.
The voices had stopped.
He waited for the next train.
and in silence, he jumped.

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