Going Back Home: Todd McKenzie’s audio drama, our competition winner :)

This week we listened to Todd McKenzie’s horror drama ‘Going Back Home’, a found footage piece, about a man who has had recurring dreams about his past home, where he was terrorised by ┬ávoices. The piece runs at just over 6 minutes, and it doesn’t spare any ┬átime getting the audience spooked! With building tension and a few jump scares, Todd really makes the audience feel like they’re in the room waiting for voices to plague them. The foley work is excellent in the drama, making the audience well aware of exactly where they are in the house. Todd is an excellent up and coming horror producer and I’m sure we’ll hear more from him in the future. If you want to hear more from Todd, you can find him here:

twitter: @toddmckenzie89

Thanks for supporting us Todd, we wish you all the best with your horror career!!!

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