Christmas Update!

Hi Peeps!
As you may have heard I have been working on the Christmas piece, however, in the last 3 days I’ve got a really nasty cold and lost my voice and really can’t record or edit. So. A change of plan for this Christmas!
I’m going to upload the script for this years Christmas Special, so that it’s not lost entirely, but also, I took part in the Scottish Audio Winter showcase, so I’ll post my piece that I made for that here too 🙂
Thanks for all the listens over the past year! Merry Christmas from all at A Night of Horror!

Download for Sleigh Bells Script
Sleigh Bells

My piece for Scottish Audio
Comedy Sketch “Mammy, Geez that bike!”

Kathleen Kidd
Sadie Woods
Robert Ruthven
Angus Ruthven

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