Award Winning Podcast

A very big announcement! A few months ago, the programme Numbers was uploaded by us as found footage… Well that’s not totally true haha. Over the last year I’ve been working on a creative research project for university, where I decided to conjure up a found footage piece, and do a written essay on how new media has caused a resurgence in Audio horror drama. I didn’t intend to tell everyone about this until I got my marks back, however, I am absolutely delighted to announce that last night It won best radio drama at the CCA showcase! I am absolutely blown away at receiving this award. Couldn’t be happier!
I want to thank George Cameron, Ken O’Hara and Cathy Costello for being in the piece and also for keeping quiet and helping me keep the illusion until it was revealed!!
If you would like to listen to the piece if you haven’t already, here’s a link:

Over the moon!
Thank you!

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